Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Public Hearing on Tax-Abatement: May 1?

When Ravenstahl had Peduto as a challenger in the mayoral race, he couldn't offer enough promises to the public to release the details of his tax-abatement proposal. He kept saying he would release details soon or "in 2 weeks" each time he was asked by the media since February, much like the building contractor in the movie The Money Pit. Remember, Ravenstahl said he had a plan the day before Peduto was to release an 8-month long study he commissioned as the Working Group on the Shared Tax Abatement for Neighborhood Development (STAND) District for Downtown entitled, "Tax Abatement Policy Review: Analysis and Recommendations". This proposal has been posted on Peduto's city council page since then for public review. Mayor Ravenstahl's plan? Still no details released to the public. The most we've heard of details has been from Matt H in comments. So, without releasing a detailed plan to the public beforehand, the public is invited to a hearing on amending the city code for tax-abatement?

Is the city going to use Peduto's plan? Is that plan amended? Has that plan been co-opted and branded as Ravenstahl's plan?


Matt H said...

The administration has their own plan that is very different from what Mr. Peduto suggested.

EdHeath said...

Matt, could you provide a web link?

Matt H said...

I remember seeing a Post-Gazette graphic in the paper.

I don't know of a web link off hand.

I was at the original proposal meeting in East Liberty though.