Sunday, March 18, 2007

Old Tires in River Mud

The Ravenstahl administration has touted its continued leadership on the Redd Up campaign, initiated by the O'Connor administration. Ravenstahl once told Skip that while the Redd Up program was a good idea it was by no means a cheap program; think of all the equipment and labor that is required of DPW to remove debris, demolish unsafe buildings, and board up abandoned houses. While the administration can spend about $30,000 towards a targeted mailer for the campaign about the, already widely known, 311 line, it hasn't bothered spend the 30 seconds needed to update the contact information for the Redd Up campaign. It may be a simple oversight. It may be an expression of neglect for a citywide program that doesn't yield any new exposure for the incumbent candidate.


Ken Corbett said...

I saw your image of the tire in the river. Why don't you remove the tire? Something can be done.

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